Perky Omelette


Perky isn't fussy, that's why we like to put it in even the most simple daily meals/beverages. Just adding a tablespoon or two to any of your daily favorites will boost the nutritional value, and let you have peace of mind that your are doing something good for your body!

What you need:
3 eggs beaten
1-2 tbsp Original or Pro Perky Powder
1 tbl avocado oil or any oil of your choice

Kimchi, sprouts, pepperoncini peppers, avocado, green onions, the possibilities are endless.

What to do:
Coat a cast iron pan with avocado oil or use a green ceramic non-stick pan, heat for 1 min. add in whipped egg and Perky mixture, leaving it on med high and cover for 2-3 mins, checking to see if the top is firm or loose—once it is firm take off heat. Carefully take a spatula and go around the edges of the pan loosening the omelet from the bottom of the pan. Slide the omelet onto a plate and put all your fresh goodies in the middle.

Hot Tip: If you are using a cheese type topping that needs to be melted, leave omelet in the pan put your ingredients that you want to be warm or melt on one side of the omelet in the pan, then gently flip the one side with nothing on it over and then slide onto a plate. Enjoy!

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