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Perky Powder Pioneer

Morning Coffee Rituals ~

My best girl friend and I had our morning coffee ritual with the sweeteners, herbs, and spices set out on our kitchen counters to add to our coffee each day.  We especially liked the “golden milk” ingredients - an East Indian staple that offers an amazing array of health benefits. One day, I decided to make my own blend of the “golden milk”.  

I knew I wanted to create a superfood that didn’t need to be refrigerated -one I could take on the go, but it was important my version of the golden milk dissolved in my coffee seamlessly - and above all else - tasted great without interfering with the overall taste of my coffee.  

After experimenting in my kitchen and taste-testing with family and friends, I came up with a superfood powder that now many of my family and friends can’t be without!  Perk-y is the golden milk-inspired  powder that can be added to just about anything - coffee, hot tea, hot cereals, warm grain or nut milks, smoothies, toast...the list is endless.  

Whether you drink it in your coffee in the morning or mix it in your hot milk (nut milk) at night for a calming “golden milk” - the health benefits are hands down amazing.  I hope you love and enjoy Perky Powders as much as I do!  

Try the Perky Powders Original for additional free-radical neutralizer support and skin protectant or the Perky Powders Pro with Pumpkin & Collagen for skin, hair and nail health.

Our Perky products are proudly packaged in our compostable, sealed bags, therefore leaving no toxic waste to our friend Mother Earth! 

Who doesn’t need a little Perky Powders in their life?